People 1st Foundation  

People First Foundation

Empowering People to Empower Themselves

“People we help are not looking for handouts; they want someone to
reach out and meet them halfway.”


People First Foundation, seeks out individuals, families, and children who are living below the poverty line who are not able to support themselves or their dependents. The organization seeks out these individuals on the streets, in parks, in motels and other temporary housing situations.

People First
provides resources, including but not limited to, education, food, living supplies, financial contributions, mental and emotional support, to families, individuals and children living in these desolate situations and poverty stricken lives.


  • Help people by providing the resources, knowledge, education, encouragement and an opportunity to help themselves and those around them.
  • Educate youth and provide them with direction, guidance, and the resources to end the cycle of poverty.
  • Provide an opportunity for people of all soci-economic status to give back to their community and better themselves and the world around them.

Key to Success:

People First helps the families, children, and people who are demonstrating the efforts of helping themselves.
This philosophy has allowed People First to have over a 97% success rate.